There are many options when it comes to replacing your missing teeth. But there’s a reason why dental implants are considered the gold standard of tooth replacement. The team at Tyma Trachtenberg Bullock & Blessington explains why you should get dental implants in Doylestown, PA to replace your missing teeth. 


A dental implant is made up of three separate parts. First, a titanium post is a part that actually gets placed in your jawbone to anchor the implant. Next, a piece called an abutment is placed on top of the implant post. This is what connects the post to the final restoration. The final restoration is usually a dental crown. However, dental implants can also support a denture or dental bridge.


There are many reasons why dental implants are so highly regarded. First, they’re the only tooth replacement option that replaces the tooth root. This helps to reverse the bone deterioration that comes with missing a tooth. When the implant post is placed in the jaw, it spurs bone regeneration because the post has to fuse with the bone. This also helps eliminate any facial sagging you’ve experienced.

Dental implants are the most stable and natural-feeling replacement option. There’s no learning curve to get used to eating and speaking with an implant. You don’t have to change your diet at all, as you get 100% of your bite function back with dental implants. There’s no extra maintenance, either. You just have to keep with a normal oral health routine with brushing, flossing, and visiting your dentist regularly.

With dental implants, you don’t have to worry about gum irritation or your restoration slipping. They’re stable and there’s no chance of these things happening with dental implants like there are with things like dentures. They also help to keep your other teeth intact. People with missing teeth are more likely to lose more teeth. Dental bridges also have the downside of harming the teeth that are used as anchors, so this won’t happen with implants.

Lastly, dental implants can be used for a variety of types of missing teeth. They work for replacing single teeth, multiple teeth, or a full arch. With implant-supported dentures, for instance, you can get a denture that locks onto a certain number of implants. You don’t have the extra cost of implants for the entire arch, but you also get the benefits that they provide over that of a removable denture.


Dental implants can be the best choice to replace your missing teeth. Are they the right choice for you? Call us or schedule an appointment online to find out.