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Teeth Whitening Doylestown, PA

If you have stained, yellowed, darkened, or discolored teeth, brighten your smile with teeth whitening. This cosmetic dentistry solution is safe for your teeth and gums. No lasers are needed.

Your tooth enamel darkens naturally over time. Exposure to dark foods and beverages or tobacco use can accelerate changes in the color of your teeth. Certain medications, illnesses, or improper oral hygiene can lead to tooth discoloration. Cosmetic tooth whitening rehabilitates teeth by lightening and improving the appearance of tooth enamel over time. Learn more below.

Teeth Whitening in Doylestown, PA

Tooth Whitening Treatment at Tyma Trachtenberg Dental

Dr. Mark Tyma, Dr. Brian Trachtenberg, and Dr. Peter Bullock offer take-home teeth whitening to patients, which allows patients to whiten teeth gradually in the comfort of their own home. We will provide you with a custom whitening tray and whitening gel. The whitening gel is evenly placed in the tray so that each tooth is equally treated.

The permanence of teeth whitening depends on the maintenance of the teeth and gums. Avoiding drinks that stain teeth, such as coffee, soda, and tea can help patients maintain professional results. Patients may also need occasional touch-ups to maintain the brightness of their smile.

Teeth whitening is typically a fairly a painless treatment and the whitening trays that are used during treatment are custom-fit to teeth to ensure that the process is both comfortable and effective. Our take-home teeth whitening treatment uses safe materials to brighten and whiten teeth.

Advantages of Whitening Teeth

Teeth whitening treatment brightens teeth, improves tooth health, and is long-lasting. Whitening teeth also reverses the effects of aging on teeth and can help improve your confidence. Brightening your smile not only improves the aesthetics of teeth but can also benefit your oral health. Having a brighter smile often motivates people to maintain their smile with brushing and flossing as well as regular dental checkups.

Teeth Whitening FAQs

How long does professional teeth whitening usually last?

The usual teeth whitening results might last anywhere from six months to three years due to the large variety of whitening solutions and concentrations. On average results last about a year.

Can I brush my teeth after professional whitening?

We recommend patients wait at least a couple of hours after professional teeth whitening to brush their teeth. After whitening your teeth can be extra sensitive, so wait until sensitivity wears off to eat hot and cold foods.

Can teeth whitening damage gums?

Teeth whitening bleaching solutions cause sensitivity to your gums, but damage is not serious and it goes away shortly after treatment. When gum disease is present, whitening agents can cause more severe symptoms, such as increased redness, swelling and discomfort in the gums.

What are the risks of teeth whitening?

The most common side effects of tooth whitening are slight tooth sensitivity and mild gum irritation. The concentration level and type of bleaching agents used may determine how severe these effects will be.

How often should you whiten your teeth?

We recommend patients whiten their teeth professionally once a year. This prevents sensitivity and in most cases whitening effects last about a year.

Can whitening products cause gum recession?

At home tooth whitening strips are the main product that contributes to gum recession. OTC whitening strips can harm gums because of the intensity of the whitening solution in them. Using whitening strips frequently may cause gum sensitivity and recession.

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