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Benefits of Dental Implants Doylestown, PA

For patients that are missing teeth, dental implants are now the best option for replacement because of the many benefits they offer. These include both cosmetic and health benefits. The process to have a dental restoration secured with implants is now a routine treatment with a high success rate. They offer a permanent solution for tooth loss, promote healthy gums, protect the bone structure, and improve overall health.

After the implants are secured in place, the dentists at Tyma Trachtenberg Dental can create a natural looking dental restoration that will blend in perfectly with the rest of your smile. They offer many implant solutions to patients missing one or more teeth at their Doylestown, PA dentist office.

Dental Implants Doylestown, PA

The Benefits of Dental Implants

Improved appearance: When a person loses teeth, the ongoing shrinkage of the jaw bone will have a negative effect on their appearance. They will appear older because the lips will begin to fold in, the lower face will shrivel up and deep wrinkles will form around the mouth. Replacing teeth with an implant supported dental restoration will replace the teeth roots and stimulate the jaw bone. This will prevent bone loss, keeping the facial structure intact.

Improved speech: Dentures are known to slip around in the mouth leading to slurred speech and mumbling. Dental implants are surgically placed and will fuse with the surrounding jaw bone. This creates a stable base to the hold the restoration securely in place. With implants, the fear of your restoration slipping or even falling out is eliminated.

Improved diet: Even a denture wearer with an excellent fitting denture will eat at a much lower efficiency. This will only worsen with continued bone shrinkage over the years. With dental implants, the chewing efficiency is closer to a person with natural teeth. They are durable and have little to no food restrictions allowing for patients to eat a healthier diet.

Keeps remaining teeth intact: For the replacement of one or more consecutive teeth, dental implants are better than a traditional dental bridge. A traditional bridge will require your adjacent teeth to be reduced to accommodate the bridgework. You are damaging teeth that are healthy as well as adding stress to them. Replacing your missing teeth with implant secured restorations will not harm your natural teeth.

Better self-esteem: Implants simply offer a better quality of life. Today’s dental restorations look just like natural teeth and the implants help keep them secured in place so they function like natural teeth as well. When you do not have to worry about your restoration falling out, causing slurred speech or limiting your diet, you get a boost in self-esteem.

More Comfortable: Not only do dental implants look and function like natural teeth, but they will also feel like your natural teeth. They also eliminate the possibility of gum irritation that is often a cause of ill-fitting dentures slipping and rubbing the gums.