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Multiple Dental Implants Doylestown, PA

Tyma Trachtenberg Dental offers several solutions for people who have multiple missing or inadequate teeth. While there are many options available to replace teeth, dental implants have proven to be the best available solution. To learn which teeth replacement option will work best for you, schedule a consultation with Dr. Mark Tyma, Dr. Brian Trachtenberg, or Dr. Peter Bullock at our Doylestown, PA dentist office. Here we will discuss each option and help you decide which solution is best for you.

Multiple Dental Implants Doylestown PA

Teeth Replacement Options

When multiple teeth are missing or damaged, you can replacement them with a removable partial denture, a fixed dental bridge or with dental implants.

A removable partial denture is an affordable way to replace multiple missing teeth. However, it also offers the least amount of benefits. The fake teeth are fused to a denture base and the piece will require the use of metal clasps to hold it in place. This type of fixture will prevent the remaining surrounding teeth from shifting towards the void. However, the clasps will put pressure on the remaining, healthy teeth. This may wear the teeth down prematurely and make them more susceptible to decay. The metal clasps can also be seen often while speaking or smiling. You will also need to adhere to a strict diet with many limitations.

A fixed dental bridge requires the use of two adjacent teeth to anchor it in place. A typical bridge is comprised of two dental crowns that are located on each end of the fixture with the pontics (the actual replacement teeth) located in the middle. One or two adjacent teeth are used to support the entire bridge. These abutment teeth are located on both or one side of the gap. They will need to be significantly reduced to accommodate the bridge. These one or two teeth will not only be grinded down but they will also endure more pressure when chewing or biting making them more susceptible to decay and damage.

Multiple dental implants provide a solution to tooth loss that far outweighs the above two options. A dental implant supported restoration does not require any teeth to be grinded down or used for support. Instead, several dental implants will be surgically placed in the jaw and a dental restoration will be attached to them. Since the replacement teeth are secured to metal posts implanted in the jaw bone, they are more durable and will function similarly to natural teeth.

Why Choose Multiple Dental Implants

Using multiple dental implants to replace your missing teeth is actually better for your health and quality of life. Chewing food is much easier since your replacement teeth are more durable and stable. They will also reduce your chance of suffering from bone loss since the implants will act as replacement tooth roots. They will never move around in your mouth, cause slurred speech, cause unneeded stress on your healthy remaining teeth, or require healthy teeth to be damaged.

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Choosing dental implants to replace multiple teeth is by far the best solution available for your self-esteem and oral health. Get started today by calling Tyma Trachtenberg Dental located in Doylestown, PA at (215) 348-4172. You can also schedule an appointment online here.