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Restorative Dentistry Doylestown, PA

Restorative dentistry refers to the repair or replacement of missing or damaged teeth. Utilizing the latest in restorative procedures, our doctors we will restore the health and function of your teeth in order to bring back your natural smile, and prevent future oral health issues. Our extensive experience with an array of restorative procedures means we can help you choose the treatment options that will be as painless, efficient and long-lasting as possible.

Tooth decay, missing and lost teeth and tooth discoloration are just some of the conditions that can be treated at Tyma Trachtenberg Dental’s Doylestown, PA office. See some of the restorative treatments we offer patients below:

Restorative Solutions

Dental Bridges: Restore the form and function of the teeth and gums with a dental bridge. One or multiple missing teeth can be replaced by this option. Dental bridges can help fill in the gaps left by missing teeth while providing long-lasting support. They also help support any remaining tooth structure, prevent teeth from shifting, help maintain a patient’s face shape, and give patients the ability to bite and chew evenly again.

Dental bridges can be removable, fixed, or secured with dental implants for a more permanent restoration.

Dental Crowns: Do you have discolored or damaged teeth? Protect and restore teeth with a dental crown. Chipped, worn, discolored, and damaged teeth can be covered with a crown. Dental implants can also be covered by a dental crown. CEREC is used to take digital dental impressions and generate a fit that is custom to the patient. During treatment, the tooth receiving the dental crown will be prepared by removing any damaged or decayed structure.

When complete, the permanent dental crown will be secured and polished for a natural look.

Dental Implants: The most versatile restorative option by far is dental implant treatment. It is important to emphasize replacing a missing tooth or teeth since multiple problems can develop. The gap left by a missing tooth can be filled by remaining natural teeth shifting into place. Suddenly overcrowded teeth offer increasing difficulties, as they are hard to clean.

Full and Partial Dentures: Professionally crafted full and partial dentures replace an upper or lower row of lost teeth. Dentures rebuild the tooth structure and are color-matched to teeth for a brighter but natural look. Whether you benefit from full or partial dentures, both offer benefits. They improve the function of one’s bite, support bone retention, and help to prevent gum recession. Restoring lost teeth with dentures provides a more stable foundation for the mouth.

Gum Disease Treatment: Gum disease affects more people than one might think. Also known as periodontitis, this condition begins as gum inflammation and can quickly snowball into problems like loose teeth and decay. Our dentists find the source of decay and work to find a solution. Treatments such as gum graft and flap surgery, scaling, and root planing are used to remove infection and provide a deep clean.

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