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The Tyma Trachtenberg Center for Contemporary Dental Health utilizes advanced dental technology to help diagnose and treat dental problems. While our technology can help us detect decay earlier, and create the most effective dental restorations, it also helps us provide quicker treatment, with less discomfort. Sometimes we’re able to use technology to help our patients more clearly understand their treatment options.

We take a thoughtful, conservative approach to each patient’s dental care. Thorough exams, experience, and solid dental science inform our thinking and recommendations to our patients. To make treatments more effective, convenient or faster we stay on top of the latest technologies available. But unlike some practices — we are careful not to jump into new, unproven technologies.

We encourage patients to ask as many questions as they want about the kinds of technology we use. We want every patient to feel comfortable with their treatment, and what options exist. For us, success is not just measured by patients with good oral health, but knowledgeable patients who have peace of mind.


CEREC® creates quality ceramic inlays, onlays, porcelain veneers and dental crowns within minutes right in our dental office. This technology is comprised of computer-assisted design (CAD) tools and a milling machine that creates custom ceramic restorative devices. Before treatment, on of our dentists will take photos of the tooth where the restoration will be placed. An Omnicam takes several different images of the affected tooth, and sends a three-dimensional, colored model to the machine; the Bluecam consists of your dentist coating the teeth with a contrasting agent before taking images. Once the design is complete, a block of ceramic will be inserted into the machine to create your restoration. When complete, it will be affixed to your tooth.

Intraoral Camera

This specialized camera allows you to see on-screen exactly what we see in your mouth. Our patients appreciate having a better understanding of the condition of their teeth and our dental diagnosis. It also helps them make an informed decision when it comes to deciding on the appropriate dental treatment plan.


DIAGNOdent® is a specialized laser that can detect signs of decay early in its development. By catching cavities early, Drs. Tyma and Trachtenberg can preserve more of your natural tooth structure and can utilize less invasive treatments to restore your teeth to optimal health. In severe cases of tooth decay, tooth extraction and restorative treatments may be needed. Treating tooth decay early on can prevent more difficulties in the long run.

Electronic Handpieces

Electronic handpieces are quieter and provide more comfortable treatment than traditional dental technologies. They also offer more speed and torque for dentists so that procedures can be completed in a more timely manner. Electronic handpieces benefit both patients and dentists.

Digital X-rays

Radiography is used to analyze problems and ensure that we are providing custom care during treatment. Image data is captured from x-rays and immediately shows the bone structure of teeth digitally. There are multiple benefits to digital x-rays: they capture images clearly, offer decreased radiation exposure, is simple to use, and are more efficient than traditional methods.

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