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Cosmetic Dentistry in Doylestown, PA

Cosmetic dentistry is used to enhance your smile and make it the best it can be. Issues that are thought to be solely cosmetic can also mean deeper issues underneath. At Tyma Trachtenberg Center for Contemporary Dental Health, we offer multiple treatments for cosmetic dentistry in Doylestown, PA. See which of our cosmetic treatments can help you put your best smile forward.doylestown, pennsylvania cosmetic dentistry

Clear Braces

If you’re struggling with crooked teeth, Smart Moves clear aligners are a subtle way to straighten out your smile. While it can’t fix the most advanced orthodontic issues, it’s ideal for treating mild to moderate dental and bite issues. Treatment is often shorter than with traditional braces, lasting anywhere from three to nine months, depending on your desired results.

Using the advanced technology we offer at our office, we’ll take 3D images of your jaw and teeth for digital impressions. Your custom clear aligners will be made based on these impressions. You’ll get aligners that’ll be changed every two weeks, slowly straightening out your smile. After the treatment is finished, we’ll provide you with a retainer or mouthguard to ensure your results stay.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are thin slivers of dental ceramic that fit like a shell over the front and sides of your teeth. They can be used for anything from discolored teeth to chips and cracks. The high-quality dental ceramic can be color-matched to the rest of your smile or as bright white as you please. These are considered a permanent restoration that’ll give you a bright smile for years to come.

Tooth Bonding

Dental bonding is a way to fix many cosmetic issues. It’s considered a more economical version of porcelain veneers. A malleable cosmetic resin is used to fix any issues you may be having. It’s color-matched to the rest of your smile, and the malleability of the resin makes it easy to help many issues.

When you get dental bonding, the resin is delicately molded to preserve or enhance the natural shape of your tooth so that it blends well with your smile. Once it’s molded to your liking, it’s hardened with a special light. The resin is then polished so that it matches the natural sheen of the rest of your teeth.

Tooth Whitening

If a brighter smile is what you’re looking for, professional teeth whitening is noticeably better than over the counter products. We offer convenient take-home kits for you to be able to whiten on your own time. We use our dental impression technology to take impressions for custom whitening trays. We fit them exactly to your smile to ensure the bleaching gel doesn’t harm your gums or other soft tissue.

You can wear these during sleep, or whenever you choose to throughout the day. Wearing the liners consistently, a few hours per day for a few weeks, will give you a gradually whiter smile that looks natural.

Doylestown, Pennsylvania Cosmetic Dentistry

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