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How Our Technology Helps You

At Tyma Trachtenberg Center for Contemporary Dental Health, we’re proud to offer the latest and greatest in dental technology to our patients. Below you’ll find the dental technology available at our Doylestown, PA dentist office and how it helps make your dental care easier, faster, and safer.high-tech dentist in doylestown, pennsylvania

Bipolar Ionization

With the development of the COVID-19 pandemic, we had to make sure we had a way to ensure the safety of our patients and staff. Bipolar ionization technology is built into our HVAC system to eliminate harmful bacteria and other pathogens. As many infections and diseases aside from COVID-19 are also airborne, this helps prevent other issues as well.


CEREC technology utilizes computer-assisted design (CAD) tools in conjunction with a milling machine. With these tools working together, we can craft custom restorations out of a block of dental ceramic within minutes in our dental office. For restorations like crowns, porcelain veneers, inlays, and onlays, this eliminates the need to wait days for your final restorations.

CEREC works by taking various angles of pictures of the tooth in question. This creates a 3-D, fully colored model of your tooth. It’s sent to our milling machine, and a block of dental porcelain is inserted into the machine. Within minutes, a custom restoration is made from that ceramic to perfectly fit the tooth for you.


This tool is a specialized laser that’s designed to help detect the earliest stages of tooth decay. It’s always best to detect issues as early on as possible. The longer and more severe the tooth decay gets, the more intensive and invasive the treatment plan has to be. By detecting it early with DIAGNOdent, we’re able to conserve more of your natural tooth and make the treatment easier on you.

Electric Handpieces

An electric handpiece uses an electric motor to operate rather than air, as traditional devices do. These handpieces are both quieter and less invasive, which is beneficial to patients that suffer from dental anxiety. They offer more torque and are more consistent than the air-operated versions. Along with the fact that a variety of handpieces can be used with an electric system, they can give smoother and more precise results.

Intraoral Camera

This is the best way to get a detailed look at the inside of your mouth. You can see on a screen the exact thing that we’re seeing. You’re better able to understand the decisions the dentist is making and it can help you make informed decisions about your future dental work.

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We’ll continue to offer the best dental technology for our patients. Call us or schedule an appointment online.