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Dental Concerns? We Have Solutions

Do you hide your smile or suffer from dental problems that are impacting your overall quality of life? Broken teeth, missing teeth, an uncomfortable bite, and other concerns not only diminish your smile confidence but can also affect your overall health and wellness.

Drs. Tyma, Trachtenberg, and Bullock provide advanced dental care and a wide range of services designed to manage and address complex dental problems. Our dental care team is highly trained and experienced in helping patients regain their oral health and a smile that looks great. We have digital technology to make accurate diagnoses and to offer more predictable treatment, providing solutions that are patient-focused. Restoring a damaged smile and creating a smile that meets your aesthetic needs through cosmetic dentistry supports both oral and physical health.

A healthy smile is an important part of maintaining good health and can play a role in your ability to avoid and manage certain types of disease and illness. Poor oral health is often associated with other health concerns and can set the stage for cardiovascular disease and inflammatory-related conditions.

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I have damaged teeth- what are my options?

Teeth that are chipped, cracked, or otherwise damaged can be restored to health using several dental treatments. Our dentists create treatment plans based on the needs and goals of the individual patient. Common treatments for tooth damage or decay includes:

I have missing teeth- what are my options?

Replacing one or more missing teeth can be accomplished using advanced implant dentistry or more traditional treatments such as dental bridges and dentures. Whatever your need, our office is equipped to provide comprehensive care for a successful outcome. Replacing teeth will give you back your best quality of life including a confident smile and the ability to enjoy eating again.

Dental implants can be used to replace one missing tooth with the most natural results possible. For multiple missing teeth or a full arch, implant-supported bridges and dentures can offer a permanent and stable solution. The key to a successful result is personalized dental care and an experienced team with the knowledge to understand and address your needs. Our team of dentists can offer both and we are ready to help you restore your smile.

Choosing the right tooth replacement option should take several important factors into consideration. We take the time with patients to explore their needs, the condition of their oral health, and their cosmetic goals and expectations.

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