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Aging teeth: What To Know

Like all parts of the body, the teeth will experience changes as they age. While most changes are benign, there are certain things to look out for that can indicate a developing problem. Maintaining the health and structure of your natural teeth for as long as possible is important for many aspects of your overall health and the goal of our dental care at Tyma Trachtenberg. Routine dental care and prompt attention to dental problems will keep your smile looking and feeling great throughout your lifetime.

importance of dental care for seniors

Aging Teeth: what are the signs of trouble?

There are a few key factors that can affect how well your teeth age. Being aware of how your lifestyle habits and overall health affects your dental health is important. Awareness can help you to make good decisions that will support a healthy lifestyle as you age and help you to avoid complex problems that can impact your quality of life. Tooth loss and bite problems will make it more difficult over time to eat and speak with comfort and confidence and this can diminish your desire to engage socially with others. The dental care team at Tyma Trachtenberg is committed to helping patients understand their unique risk factors and to manage them with personalized oral hygiene and dental care. We offer advanced restorative dental care for the changing needs of your smile.

The common signs that there is a developing problem with your aging teeth can include:

  • Changes in the appearance of the teeth or the gums: are the gums receding significantly? Are your teeth looking more yellow or gray? Your tooth enamel could be eroding or gum disease could be present.
  • Changes in the fit or comfort of the bite: is it getting more difficult to chew or does it seem like your teeth are not making contact in the same way? Shifting teeth can have a range of causes.
  • Repeated chipping or cracking of teeth: this can be a sign of a bite problem or the result of teeth grinding.
  • Discomfort or increased sensitivity: tooth enamel erosion and tooth decay can lead to pain and may be the indication of more complex concerns.

Although many of these signs are often a normal part of the aging process for teeth, sudden changes often indicate a problem that should be addressed to avoid a bigger one. It is important to continue visiting with us as you age so that our dentists can help you maintain your oral health. A healthy smile will also support your overall wellness and make it easier to manage other diseases or conditions such as diabetes.