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Digital Technology & Dental Care

The term “digital dentistry” is growing in popularity and it represents the continual incorporation of digital technology in the practice of dentistry. Digital technology and high-resolution digital imagery are transforming how we diagnose, educate and treat patients.

Our Doylestown office has incorporated a range of technology in order to provide the best patient experience possible and predictable results. As our patient, you can enjoy dental treatment that is more accurate, more convenient, and less invasive. We welcome you to ask about our technology and learn more about how it benefits you and your oral health care.

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Digital Diagnostics

We use digital radiographs or x-rays for a thorough evaluation of your oral health with minimal radiation exposure. Digital radiographs provide immediate images that our dental care team can use to look for signs of disease or to more accurately diagnose a dental problem. The images from digital x-rays are able to offer a more in-depth view of oral structures compared to traditional film x-rays. Digital radiographs are also faster and more economical.

Our dental care team can spot developing tooth decay using DIAGNOdent®, a handheld laser device that makes the smallest signs of decay visible with a special light. DIAGNOdent® is an important tool in our preventive dental care program and with early detection, allows conservative treatment to be successful.

Our intra-oral camera is another convenient chairside device that is used to scan your mouth. While scanning, our dentists and hygienists can allow you to view the imagery as they discuss the condition of your oral health. As a patient, you can see what we are seeing and be educated on potential concerns and how to keep your smile healthy.

Same Day Dental Crowns

One of the key benefits of dental technology is the ability to provide higher quality treatments in less time. We can offer same-day dental crowns and dental restorations using in-office CAD/CAM technology. after taking digital impressions, we can use special software to design and create a custom-fit dental crown while you wait.

The ability to restore a damaged or decayed tooth or to replace a broken crown in one visit makes your dental care more convenient- no temporary crowns or return trips to our office.

Tyma-Trachtenberg Dental is committed to providing dental care and restorative treatments that are of the highest quality. We want your results to be stable, comfortable and to support long-term dental health. We will continue to incorporate digital technology, carefully choosing what we feel improves diagnostics and benefits your dentistry.