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Answering Questions About Dental Concerns

Our dental office treats patients with a variety of dental concerns. Routine dental appointments allow us to find dental concerns as they develop, and scheduling regular dental visits can help patients keep these issues in check. Our team also offers consultations so patients can discuss their current concerns with our dentists. Here you can read answers to questions many patients have about how to treat their dental concerns in our Doylestown, PA dental office.

Dental Concerns in Doylestown, PA

Q&A: Dental Concerns in Doylestown, PA

Do you have a current dental concern you don’t know how to treat? Learn about common causes and treatments for your dental concerns, from crooked teeth to teeth grinding:

Do I have gum disease if I have bleeding gums?

Many patients can have bleeding gums if they brush too aggressively or have a certain medical condition. However, bleeding gums can be an indicator of gingivitis or gum inflammation. Although gingivitis is not gum disease, it is a precursor. Patients who have gingivitis and do not treat their gum problems can develop periodontitis or gum disease.

Can crooked teeth cause dental problems?

Crooked teeth are not just a cosmetic issue. Patients with a misaligned bite or crooked teeth can be more prone to problems like TMD and even tooth decay. Pressure on the joints that open and close the jaw can lead to temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD). Patients with a misaligned bite can place more pressure on the temporomandibular joints than other patients.

Additionally, patients with crooked teeth are more prone to developing gum disease or cavities. It can be difficult to clean between crooked teeth, especially if they are overcrowded. harmful bacteria can hide between teeth and irritate the gum tissue or enter teeth.

Do I need a CPAP machine or oral appliance?

Patients with sleep apnea typically require a CPAP machine to help keep their airways open during sleep. However, some patients have milder cases of sleep apnea and do not want to try to sleep with a loud machine. We recommend oral appliances for patients with mild sleep apnea symptoms. Request an appointment with us for an evaluation and we can make a recommendation.

Can I replace all of my missing teeth with dental implants?

You do not need to replace all of your lost permanent teeth with implants, even if you have full arches of teeth missing. We can use multiple dental implants to secure a tooth arch. However, the implants will not replace every tooth. Implant-secured dentures can use four to six or more implants to support an upper or lower arch.

Why do I grind my teeth at night?

If you wake up with tooth and jaw pain and suffer from frequent morning headaches, you may have TMD. Stress and pressure on the bite can cause temporomandibular joint disorders which lead to problems like bruxism. Bruxism, or teeth clenching and grinding, is common for patients with TMJ disorders.

Call Tyma Trachtenberg Dental for care at (215) 348-4172. You may also schedule a dental consultation with our team online. If you have any remaining questions about your dental concerns, please let us know at your next visit.